Vehicle Sale Agreement Stamp Duty

However, when selling a used vehicle, the unit and cash price of a vehicle, as well as the indication that the cash price does not contain stamp duty or replacement fee, must indicate both the unit price and the cash price of a vehicle. The value of a new vehicle is the manufacturer`s recommended selling price or list price (including, if applicable, GST and, if applicable, luxury car tax), issued by the manufacturer. This value applies to all new vehicles of the same type and model at any given time. The value of additional equipment or features that are not included by the manufacturer in the list price of a new motor vehicle may or should not be added to the reference price for stamp duty calculation. The law explicitly designates two taxable mandatory equipment elements – “assisted steering” and “a particular type of gearbox (e.B.m.). “. When additional equipment or features are part of the vehicle, since it is made available to the public, the list price includes these items. Therefore, stamp duty must be paid on the “price” set by the manufacturer under the Stamp Duties Act 1923 (see examples below). Definition of people make you own, but you were selling the ActFormat for English, while buying special interests.

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