Secondment Agreement Francais

The host institution must first apply for a work permit from the French authorities who use Form 15187-02, unless the duration of your employment contract or secondment contract does not exceed three months. The standard duration of a secondment is at least one year and does not exceed four years. Depending on the country in which your company is established, you must complete one or more formalities before the secondment: you must first have signed a personal contract with the host organization (pdf) which can be renewed once. It must be validated by the French authorities before applying for your visa. This prior authorization is not required if you perform during your secondment/detachment (less than 90 days): this exception also applies to modeling and artistic installation activities. Important: if you are represented by a modeling agency, it must fill out the form: collaboration agreement with a foreign model (pdf) (only in French); You must sign a training contract (pdf) (only in French) with your employer, training organisation or host company. It must be included in your visa application. If you are a model or part of a model`s technical support team (hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, agent, etc.) and you have signed a collaboration contract with a Model agency with a French license, you must submit your visa application accompanied by the cooperation agreement form for foreign models offering services in France, which will be completed by your agency. At the end of a loan or secondment, a six-month moratorium on contract employment applies to UNESCO.

Many situations can lead to secondment and, as an employer, you must respect the rules of French labour law applicable to the secondment of workers. What are the possible scenarios? You must sign a training contract (pdf) with the public health facility. During his employment in France, the employee holds the employment contract with his employer in his country of origin.