Personal Chef Contract Agreement

Your ECC cook will return to you on the agreed date on the agreed date. Cooks need full access to the cooking area for about 2 to 5 hours. Please make your home available to your chef for the scheduled cooking appointment. If your boss does not have access to your home for any reason (locks have been modified, delicate pets, etc.) you will be charged as a last minute cancellation and you are expected to reimburse the cost of your food. Customers, children, pets and other distractions should be at all cooking appointments scheduled in the kitchen. We respectfully ask the client to authorize the chef to provide his professional services without interruption. I/We agree that the weekly primary order will be for now as shown above. I/We agree to notify the chef 1 week in advance if the order changes. Customers agree: I/We employ Nancy Campbell to provide regular, planned private kitchen services (i.e., twice a week, two weeks, etc.). When we ask the Patron to provide additional food assistance or personalized information beyond the provision of our weekly meals, we agree to compensate him for an additional time that goes beyond his role as chef. Your meals are packed and delivered with the heating and service instructions offered for your convenience.

Although the ECC gives its best, the instructions are subject to inaccuracies due to inconsistent oven temperatures, type of appliance, etc. The instructions can also be written on prints, due to changes in the shell and how it was stored on site. ECC reserves the right to discard food that the chef considers unfit. This may include previous weeks of meals prepared by the chef. The ECC is not responsible if you ignore current food safety practices by not storing your meals, thawing, reheating or using adequate sanitation. If you have chosen to prepare and deliver your meals in a commercial establishment, ECC cannot guarantee allergen-free meals. ECC chefs are very proud of their work and promise to respect your home and equipment. Your boss will leave his workstation as clean as he found it, remove his personal equipment and store all the remaining food.

Make sure your kitchen is clean and ready for your chef on the scheduled cooking date and that your containers are ready for use. When cooks arrive at an inappropriate workplace, they record the area with a photo and a $50 cleaning fee is added to the bill for that service date. If the kitchen does not meet the basic standards of health code (i.e. no running water, no electricity, etc.), the chef will prepare and store what they can, you will be charged the daily price and reimbursement for the food. Thank you for choosing Nectar Personal Chef Services as your personal chief service. Our goal is to offer you high quality and tasty dishes on an ongoing basis that corresponds to your personal preferences and nutritional goals. Before providing services, we completed a consultation to discuss your dietary restrictions and food allergy needs. It is the customer`s responsibility to keep us informed of changes in your needs. Nectar Personal Chef Services is a professional kitchen service run by chef Julie Francis. This customer service agreement will be available to customers, so it is understood how our services work and the customer expectations and the services of Nectar`s personal chief.

TERMINATION: Any party may terminate this contract by written notification. I/We will give the chef at least 1 week if I/we will not use their services for a week.