Tribute Agreement

Stellar Diamonds has signed a legally binding conditional tribute mining agreement with Octea Mining Ltd and a revenue-sharing agreement for the Tongo Tonguma Kimberlite diamond project in eastern Sierra Leone. Context and strengths of the agreements and the project: the conclusion of the tribute agreement is certainly not considered a reverse acquisition under THE rules of the AIM, but the trading of Stellar Diamonds shares in AIM is currently suspended until the conclusion of a fundraiser. “The structure of the agreement would allow stellar to be the operator and distributor of diamond products, with a simplified participation agreement with Octea in return.” Although Stellar Diamonds no longer intends to acquire the Tonguma license, Stellar and Octea continue to work towards completing an agreement that brings together their combined diamond properties for commercial production, covering all high-quality Tongo diamond fields, said Karl Smithson, Chief Executive of Stellar Diamonds. The tribute agreement would be a sub-contract between Octea Mining and Stellar Diamonds, concluded as part of its normal operations, and would allow stellar Diamonds to promote both its 100% Tongo project and the adjacent Tonguma project, stellar Diamonds being the operator of the combined mine. Karl Smithson, Chief Executive, commented: “We are pleased to have signed these contracts with Octea, which will allow Stellar, subject to their completion, to build a single mine for simultaneous commercial production from the adjacent Kimberlit Tongo (Stellar) and Tonguma (Octea) deposits. The combined project has an initial resource of 4.5 Mct, considered one of the highest qualities of Kimberlitorebodies in Africa based on one tonne dollar per tonne due to high quality diamonds (100 to 260 ct/100 tons at 1.18 mm) and high quality (209 USD/ct to 310 USD/ct). The 21-year mining plan, with constant production of more than 200,000 ct/y at full production, would quantify this development as the second largest Kimberlit diamond mine in West Africa.