Superintendents Agreement Maine

A. Two superintendents may authorize the transfer of one student from one school administration unit to another if: to move to another Maine school district, superintendents of both public school districts must give their consent. It is up to you: Connerty-Marin stated that requests for deferrals that may have been requested because they were more comfortable for child care purposes, depending on where a parent worked, were not considered legitimate grounds for authorization by thieves. But the Commissioner disagrees. He said that if a transfer allowed the parent to stay in a workplace, it should be encouraged. Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen`s practice, which allows students to move from one school district to another without changing residences, is drawing opposition from supervisors across the state. SAUs often use a form to collect information on transfer requests and make decisions. The department has established standard forms that can be accepted as part of the Superintendent Transfer Process (optional): Please contact Greg Scott at 207-624-6614 or email if you have any questions about transfers or district registration policies. The superintendent of the school administration unit where the student resides and the superintendent of the school administration unit in which the student wishes to attend the school must accept the transition. The transfer cannot take place if one or both of the superintendents involved reject the application. Our Community Originally Published in Island Ad-Vantages, October 26, 2017 and The Weekly Packet, October 26, 2017 Teaching, Superintendents Agreements facilitate school choice Local students move between districts It is also important to respect the limits for this transmission authority.

First, the law provides for the transfer of one school administration unit to another, not to a certain school building. The right to assign students to a particular school belongs to the management of the management unit of the host school. Title 20-A, M.R.S.A. No 1001 (8). Second, the broadcasting rules do not apply, in the same way, to requests for reassignment to another school within a single administrative unit. Third, transfer agreements must be concluded between two school administration units and not between a school management unit and a private school, which has been approved for public funding. The school`s administrative units are responsible for submitting a letter of agreement between the superintendent who releases a student and the superintendent who accepts the student (see forms section below). If one of the superintendents decides not to accept the transmission, the superintendent provides a written description of the basis of the superintendent`s decision to the student`s parent who requests the transfer in accordance with this paragraph. A copy of the refusal notices sent to the parents should be forwarded to the Commissioner`s office.

Authorized transfers must be entered into the student information system (see detailed instructions below in the student information system reporting process). In order to ensure compliance with the law, while delays and concerns of the student seeking the transfer and his or her family are minimized, superintendents should follow the following protocol: Stearns stated that superintendents act reasonably when there are requests. He said, for example, that there was a student whose father and grandfather reserve officers took training classes and the student wanted in his senior year in a school, the ROTC. He said it was a simple call that he accepted. The Commissioner rejected a superintendent`s agreement to a student who wanted to visit another district. This letter: specifies the conditions for approval of a superintendent agreement; notes that this delegation authority has limits; describes the local protocol and the appeal process to the Commissioner; and provides an overview of the newly approved regulations in the legislation, which allow school districts to adopt interdepartmental registration guidelines.