Registration Of Rental Agreement Malta

If both parties agree to terminate a contractual registration before the termination date, the following procedure applies: – landlords are required to guarantee an adequate supply of utilities (water and electricity) and to show the correct rate and bills distributed proportionally among the tenants. What should the lease consist of? The lease should say: -Property Details -The duration of the rental and if and how it can be extended. -An inventory of the property z.B. Furniture and appliances available and their current condition – rent amount and security deposit -The intended use outside of these laws which provide for specific issues of housing, those who enter into Maltese rental contracts must also comply with the provisions of the law on contracts. The information feedback option required in the Contract Registration section in the left toolbar allows you to access unregistered rental contracts, as the housing authority needs additional feedback. When accessing the contract via the “Feedback required” section, the owner can modify the contract to meet the requirements of the late deposit fee: 120 euros of deposit fee apply if the registration of the private lease is not registered within 10 days of the start of the lease. Tenants who do not comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, including the absence of monthly rent, cannot be forcibly evicted by the landlord. The court must take the case to the tenant regulation committee. The site, which can be used in Maltese and English, contains information on the obligations and benefits of landlords and rental families, as well as a declaration of the registration process, the procedure for filing a dispute and how the unregistered rent can be reported to the housing authority. Contractual tax extension: 5 – Extended leases in the event of termination must be reinstated and the annual fee is 5 euros.

Under Maltese law, a lease agreement can be signed between two parties with the legal capacity to do so. It is forbidden to enter into a lease in the following situations: If you wish to stay in Malta for a long period of time – for tourism or professional purposes – our Maltese lawyers can help you sign a rental contract. Leases should not last more than one year. Any agreement of a shorter term is considered to be agreed for a period of one year, with the exception of short rents. Follow these simple instructions to submit a dispute. For more information, visit our website 👉 The Housing Authority will also send you notifications regarding the email address listed in the rental agreement if further clarification or information is required to process the registration of the rental agreement.