Non Disclosure Agreement In Deutsch

As “NDA” is the abbreviation for an English term, it is difficult to answer the question of the correct German article. A confidentiality agreement, including the declaration of confidentiality, confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement, NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or CDA (abk. for engl. confidential disclosure agreement), is a contract that sets a silence on negotiations, the outcome of negotiations or confidential documents. The obligated agrees to keep secret the information he has made available to him. Unlike industrial secrecy, which is enshrined in law, the confidentiality agreement is a contractual freedom. Professional funders such as business angels and corporate capitalists often categorically refuse to sign a confidentiality agreement. This is mainly due to these reasons: many lawyers, for their part, describe the document as indispensable. No photo ID is required.

The parties decide for themselves what documents they wish to have to verify each other. But if you don`t know the other party, because a transaction is made over the Internet, for example, and the deal is also very important, it can be quite recommended. In principle, this is rather unusual. Cases of the application of confidentiality agreements are frequent: in the case of the unilateral NOA, only one party is required to remain silent. This variant is particularly used in the founding scene. A confidentiality agreement can also be part of a co-optition. Therefore, to protect your ideas, new projects or internal information from abuse (at least in part), an NDA is a good idea. Too much discourages many trading partners and is interpreted as a sign of great distrust.

On the other hand, if the penalty is too low, potential idea thieves literally feel invited. An NDA as a bilateral agreement requires all parties involved (usually a company on one side and investors, freelancers, trainees, employees, suppliers, etc.) to completely secrecy confidential information. This is often the basis for a wide range of negotiations. Many of them are a source of inspiration or help with formulation. Be aware that each confidentiality agreement must be unique in its wording if you want to protect sensitive information and look professional. . If you have chosen an NOA and there has been a breach of contract, of course you have the opportunity to go to court.