Max`s Restaurant Franchise Agreement

Q: What marketing and advertising support can I receive? A: Max`s marketing and advertising professionals conduct ongoing research/study to improve the image of each particular restaurant and the Max`s Restaurant brand in general. Revenue and revenue trends are analysed from a broader perspective. System-wide and local ads and advertising campaigns are planned to have maximum impact on a limited budget. They also monitor the ever-changing customer preferences through surveys and other research methods that are beneficial to the formulation of promotional programs and the introduction of new products. Q: Who will present the construction plans? Who`s going to do the construction? A: Max`s Franchising, Inc. will provide the franchisee, through our recommended architect, with the guidelines for construction plans. However, the franchisee has the option of using/using the contractor recommended by Max or its own contractor duly accredited by Max`s Franchising Inc. The restaurant is built at a price supported by the franchisee. The cost of purchasing building permits, fees and other related costs will also be borne by the franchisee.

During construction, Max`s Franchising Inc. will oversee and oversee the project`s progress. Q: How many employees do I need to hire? Who has the attitude? A: A typical Max`s restaurant will have at least 43 employees, including the management team. We will provide the franchisee with a number of employee qualifications that will be employed in the restaurant and we will help verify the members of the management team. Factors that determine expected performance are the franchisee`s ability to manage operating costs within borders, promoting the Max`s Restaurant brand in the sector. Part of the estimated cost is the deductible. For Max`s flagship product it is the deductible or payment to enter the system for the first time, P1.5 million plus taxes. The service charge amounts to P750,000 plus taxes. But wait, there are others! In addition to the initial investment mentioned above, franchisees must also charge the following from the restaurant`s gross monthly sale: As a franchise partner, you must invest, manage and develop MAX in your home market. Your goal is to recruit, manage and encourage your employees and build teams that work, offering the most satisfied customers in the market and operating the most profitable. We believe in a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship, based on trust, hard work and commitment, and we are with you all the way. Now that you are pretty convinced with the Max restaurant franchise, you are more likely to invest as quickly as possible.

But as a franchisee, there are also qualifications that you have to fulfill. Max`s Inc. requires an aspiring franchisee to have features that make the business a success, such as business.B. business-oriented with experience in the related field. Franchisees must also be committed to learning more about the business and working, communicating and communicating with customers and employees.