Independent Contractor Agreement Optometrist

Click here for more information on the provisions of independent contractors. From time to time, I work with a company that runs a mobile clinic that visits university and university campuses and elementary schools. Do I need an independent contract? Who can be accepted as a patient: In some recruitments, there is a requirement that clients be “members” to access the company`s services. Optometrists practising in such an environment should have in their agreement a statement that everyone can access their services, whether or not they are a “member of the club”. Access to premises: optometrists must be able to treat patients in exceptional situations (for example. B in case of emergency) when necessary. As a result, optometrists who work as independent contractors in a company (. B, for example, retail) must have a system to allow access to their office at any time. When do I have to prove that I am an independent contractor? Optometrists who practice with another person or institution (organization or organization) that is not an ophthalmometer or a physician must be able to prove that they are independent. “Independent” means that the optometrist`s decisions are not controlled or influenced by anyone or anything.

This preserves the optometrist`s freedom to make clinical decisions that are in the best interests of his patients. Optometrists are solely responsible for the compliance of their trade agreements with Ontario laws. Note that no optometry contract is the same. However, some problems are common: any practice of optometry, which has only one employee, must have a written employment contract. It protects both the employer and the worker and is probably the most important employment document. Whether the employee is an associate physician or a member of your non-professional staff, the lack of a properly drafted employment contract is one of the most common problems in most optometry offices, and perhaps the most common reason why employers are sued by employees.