Financial Consulting Services Agreement

2. Term. The term (“duration”) of this agreement begins on the date of this agreement and is twelve (12) months. The agreement may be renewed by appointment between the two parties, unless the agreement has been reached or until the agreement is terminated. Any party may terminate the agreement within five days of the other party`s written notification within five (5) days of written notification of the agreement if one of the parties violates a substantial provision of the agreement and does not resolve that violation. This cancellation does not excuse the violation or non-compliance by the other party or exempts the part of the infringement from its obligation, which arose before the date of cancellation, including, but not limited to the Client`s obligation to pay the non-refundable consideration described in paragraph B.4. That`s what I`m talking about. The client and the advisor have the legal authority to enter into this financial services advisory agreement between them. The individuals whose signatures appear on the last page of this agreement are representatives of their respective employers and are fully entitled to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of their employers. B.

Business planning, strategy and negotiation with potential strategic partners and/or other general business advisory needs, as expressed by the client; Failure to comply with or apply any particular element of the financial advisory agreement should not be regarded as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the full scope of this agreement. Councillor acknowledges that he will have knowledge and access to non-public information within the meaning of federal law. Accordingly, Consultant undertakes not to make purchases or sales of client portfolios and will make reasonable efforts to protect this information and prevent it from reaching third parties, unless this has been authorized beforehand by the customer. In addition, Consultant undertakes not to include or disclose this information in financial reports for public distribution, including annual reports, press releases and investor communications. By signing below, both parties agree to apply and terminate the full terms of this contract until the expiry or otherwise by both parties. If one of the parties is to take legal action to enforce this agreement or to remedy the violation by the other party, the party in such a court proceeding is entitled to full reimbursement of all legal fees, including legal costs incurred during those proceedings and proceedings. This document represents the entire agreement between the client and the advisor. Other written or oral agreements, promises or agreements are not respected by the client and the advisor when signing this financial advisory agreement.

The consultants explain the presence of guidelines and processes, while ensuring compliance with all applicable financial laws. This Agreement cannot be amended or amended in any way unless it is signed in writing by clients and consultants. 3. Due Diligence. The client provides and provides consultants with all the information about the client company`s activities that can reasonably be requested by consultants to enable consultants to conduct an assessment of the client`s business and business prospects and provide the consulting services described in paragraph B.1.