Linkedin Member Agreement

The customer agrees that Glint is free at the end of the services and that he encourages him, at the customer`s choice, to make subprocessers, unless the applicable law prevents Glint from returning all or part of the disclosed data: (a) the return of all personal data from the customer to the customer, including survey responses when the user`s privacy communication is disclosed customer satisfaction shows that it has taken such measures, or (c) exporting personal customer data in an undegregated form to the new customer service provider under a separate written agreement, whereby the customer and the recipient of the data are properly satisfied with the responsibility and responsibility of the data that later leads to transfer or export. Glint uses unidentified and aggregated data generated by its services to provide cross-sector statistical repositories and improve its services. 7.3.1 With regard to the transfer of European personal data to Glint for Glint processing in a country other than the EU, EEA or European Commission-approved countries that offer “appropriate” data protection, Glint agrees that it offers at least the same level of European personal data protection as the processor manager. Where data transfers are based on processors to enable the lawful transfer of European personal data in accordance with the above sentence, the parties agree that the persons concerned for whom Glint processes European personal data are third parties who benefit from CSC for the controller-processor. If Glint is unable to meet these requirements, European personal data is processed and used exclusively within the territory of a Member State of the European Union, and any transfer of European personal data to a non-EU country requires the client`s prior written consent. With respect to the performance of their obligations under this agreement, the parties comply with all applicable data protection requirements (as defined in Section 1 of the CCA) and all international obligations, federal, state, provincial and local laws that are not limited to (a) corrupt practices, corruption and acts that violate public administration, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, 15 U.S.C.b) discrimination against workers or candidates on the basis of race, skin colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status or disability; and (c) U.S. export control laws and regulations that restrict the use and access of controlled information, goods and technologies. LinkedIn is registered in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security`s E-Verify program for the admission and employment of new employees. With respect to the provision of LinkedIn services under this agreement, LinkedIn will comply with the terms of its code of conduct, the current version of which is available under The customer authorizes LinkedIn to place ads (“Talent Media”) with graphics, copies, active URLs and other customer-provided promotional and technology materials (“advertising media”) on LinkedIn websites and/or third-party network websites, provided the customer chooses to allow or disable the provision of Talent Media on third-party websites (together the “website”).