Membership Interest Pledge Agreement Form

These LLC Membership Interest Pledge Agreements are real legal documents prepared by law firms for their clients. Use them for competition information, document production, or information on transactions within a particular industry or sector. We have millions of legal documents and clauses that you can search for for free. . You are here: Agreements > LLC Membership Interest Pledge Agreement This MEMBERSHIP INTEREST PLEDGE AGREEMENT (as well as any changes, Supplements and amendments, if applicable, from time to time, this “agreement,” dated July 7, 2009, is made by CKR ACQUISITION CORP., a Delaware company (hereinafter the “Pledgor”), in favour of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as a sub-merchant (as such, with its successors and agents, the collateral agent) for the secure parts (as below). THIS ACCORD OF WORK (modified, revised, completed and modified from time to time and which comes into effect from time to time) will be adopted on July 23, 2010 by NEVADA GOLD – CASINOS, INC., a Nevada company (“Nevada Gold”) as Grantor (Grantor) and Credit fortress corp. as an agent (“agent”). Parties: SOMMER ENERGY HOLDINGS INC BLACK INK ENERGY, LLC SOMMER ENERGY HOLDINGS, INC. SOMMER ENERGY, LLC Document Date: 05.03.2015 Industry: Electricity Sector: Distribution Companies Apply to The Law:New York Parties: GENERAL MARITIME CORP/ GMR Newbuilding 1, LLC Law Firm: Kramer Levin Naftalis Frankel LLP; Document Date: 9/11/2005 Industry: Water Transportation Governing Law:New York Parties: URS CORP/NEW/ RADIAN INTERNATIONAL LLC Document Date: 9/9/2004 Industry: Construction Services Sector: Equipment Applicable Law:Delaware This PLEDGE AND SECURITY AGREEMENT (modified and in effect from time to time, this “Pledge Agreement”), date of August 1, 2008 is by each of the persons signed (as defined in the loan agreement, as defined below) (respectively a “Pledgor” and, together, the “Pledgors”) in favour of and for the benefit of GENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL CORPORATION, a Delaware company, acting in its capacity as agent (as such, “pledgee”) in accordance with the loan agreement (as defined below) for the lender (as defined in the loan). .

Parties: ADVANCED BIOENERGY, LLC EBA Fairmont, LLC Piper, Jaffray Co. PJC Capital LLC Document Date: 23.10.2007 Applicable Law:New York Parties: FORTRESS CREDIT CORP NEVADA GOLD CASINOS, INC. NG Washington II Holdings, LLC Law Firm: Wolff Samson Document Date: 29.07.2010 Industry: Casinos and Gaming Sector: Applicable Law Services:New York Parties: KOCH HOLDINGS ENTERPRISES, LLC ONEOK, INC.